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John T. Fields & Associates

Madison Divorce Attorney
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Dane County

Wisconsin divorce cases can get complicated. This is especially true when dealing with child custody or property division disputes. No one has to handle these issues alone. An experienced divorce attorney like John T. Fields can give your case the individual attention it deserves. Most people going through a divorce aren’t aware of all the options they have at their disposal. We help clients in Madison,Stoughton, Monona, Fitchburg, Sun Prairie and Verona choose the best course of action and achieve peace of mind after the divorce is finalized.

Columbia County

There are many difficulties spouses have to deal with when it comes to divorce. John T. Fields & Associates, a divorce attorney serving Columbia County, has handled many difficult child custody, property division and high-stakes divorce cases. Our family law attorneys are here to help you and give you a winning legal strategy during this difficult time. Regardless of how “important” your case may seem to other attorneys, our law firm will treat you as if you are our most important client.

Rock County

Family law attorneys need to know all of the ins and outs of a divorce case. From property division disputes, to child support and child custody, a good divorce attorney serving Rock County will be able to attack an opponent’s case and help a client hold onto what matters in his or her life. Divorce cases come with many surprises, but John T. Fields & Associates knows how to deliver results for Rock County residents.

Sauk County

Divorce can come as a complete surprise. One day your marriage is happy and fulfilling, the next day it can erupt into complete chaos. Sometimes, there isn’t much you can do to salvage a marriage and divorce is the only option. Luckily, Sauk County residents have a great option if they need a legal advocate to help them through a difficult divorce. The attorneys at John T. Fields & Associates suggest that if you’re entering a divorce, don’t wait to ask for help.

Jefferson County

As a family law attorney, John T. Fields & Associates has a number of locations throughout the state of Wisconsin. Whether you’re in Jefferson, or another town in Jefferson County, you can trust that our aggressive, persistent legal advocates can give you the settlement you deserve. Too many clients go into a divorce proceeding without the right knowledge and come out with high alimony payments and a bad child custody arrangement that could have been avoided.

Green County

Our approach to divorce cases is characterized by toughness, determination and passion. In a Green County divorce, your opponent will be ready to attack your case and achieve the best settlement possible. As your divorce attorney, John T. Fields & Associates will never back down from a fight. While working towards a common goal with you, we will listen with compassion to every aspect of your case, then devise an aggressive, winning legal strategy.

When You Need a Pitbull Attorney

You need an attorney with years of experiance, the drive to win, and the compassion to protect what is most important to you. Whether it is through a skilled negotiations, or a successful battle in court, we will not give up unitl your goals are met.

Proudly serving Southeastern Wisconsin, including Dane, Columbia, Rock, Sauk, Jefferson and Green counties.