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Madison Child Custody Lawyer: Shared Custody

Get Answers About Shared Custody in Madison, Wisconsin

Child custody is often a matter of great concern to a parent, for good reason. Children can suffer when parents are involved in a divorce, or when their relationship comes to an end. Our founder, Attorney John T. Fields, has a great insight into the impact of divorce upon children, as he formerly worked as a counselor at the Child and Adolescent Treatment Center, as well as working at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington D.C. What are your options for child custody? One option is joint custody, often called shared custody. The two parent have equal rights and decision-making powers in the crucial issues of parenting. Are you seeking a custody agreement that allows you and the other parent the ability to share in the upbringing and care of your children? Our firm is prepared to assist you in any Child Custody matter, including working with the opposing attorney to draft a parenting plan for shared custody of your children.

Parenting Plans in Madison: Shared Custody

All of the details about how your parenting time will be shared will be submitted to the court in a "parenting plan." The plan outlines every detail of how the parents will manage the custody of their children, including where the children will live, whether at one home or both, as well as visitation, who will be with the children on various holidays, and so on. Shared custody will allow the children to be placed in each home for a designated period of time, or portion of the week. Some parents prefer to share the custody of the children, and the children essentially have two homes. Every family is different, and our firm can help you to pursue court approval for your parenting plan.

The court will require that you submit the reasoning behind the plan you submit, and how this plan is in the best interests of the children. The authority to make decisions on education, medical care, child care, and extracurricular activities will be shared by both parents. The decision about the religion the child will be raised in must also be part of the parenting plan submitted to the court for approval. The financial issues will also be outlined in the parenting plan, and the amount of child support paid, if any. If your agreement does not conform to the Wisconsin child support standard, you will be required to give information as to why that standard does not suit your family's situation, and why it is unfair.

Find out more about shared custody, and contact our firm. We are extremely experienced, and will help you fight to get your parenting plan approved by the court.

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