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Madison Property Division Attorney

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Attorney John T. Fields is known throughout the Madison area as an aggressive divorce lawyer that knows how to get results in court. As a litigator, Mr. Fields prowess has proven to be extremely valuable to his clients that have property division issues to resolve. You don't want to sacrifice anything you don't have to when you get divorced, and you have the right to your full share of the marital property. You may also have concerns about your separate property, and your spouse may be seeking some portion of assets or property that are yours alone. In high asset divorce cases, this can be an issue of contention, and getting it resolved fairly could not be more important. When you retain the services of our firm, you know you will have one of the top divorce litigators in the state representing you.

How Property is Divided in a Wisconsin Divorce

There are various factors that will be considered by the court when making a decision about property division. The state divides property based upon the concept of "equitable distribution." This means there are many, many ways property could be divided. It could be beneficial to work out an agreement out of court, as it may be possible to make arrangements that in the end, will work better for both parties. If this is not possible, moving forward to trial is necessary. If you cannot reach an agreement with your spouse, or there are unreasonable demands being made, there is little option other than taking the case to court for a decision. In this case, you want an aggressive litigator on your side – and it does make a difference.

The factors that will be considered by the court when dividing property include the duration of the marriage, and what property was brought to the marriage by each party, as well as the financial contributions of each over the term of the marriage. The court must determine if one party has substantial assets that are not subject to division – property that belongs to one person alone, and was owned prior to the marriage - like a 401k or pension. When a marriage has lasted for years or decades, there may have been a comingling of funds, making this a complex process in some cases. There is an economic value placed on contributions such as child care and homemaking. It is imperative that you have legal representation that will help you fight for what is yours, and what you deserve.

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