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Madison Divorce Lawyer

A Madison, WI Divorce Attorney Who Protects Your Rights

The divorce process often brings with it confusion, exhaustion and complex emotions. In addition to feelings of personal loss, individuals may feel confused about navigating complicated legal systems and face questions about protecting their rights. During a divorce, it is important you have an expert divorce attorney by your side for support and who ensures your rights are protected. Consulting an experienced divorce attorney can help alleviate your concerns and ease your fear of the unknown, as well as help you avoid common and expensive mistakes people make during the divorce process.

For over 28 years, John T. Fields has helped protect the rights of hundreds of individuals going through divorce in Madison and surrounding counties. John T. Fields & Associates has familiarity with the local legal system and takes an aggressive approach when it comes to protecting your future and your family. You don’t have to face divorce alone or try to navigate the legal system yourself, which could compromise your case and legal rights later. Call our office or submit an online form to discuss your case with us today and take the step toward protecting your legal rights.

Divorce Overview: Approaching Your Case

The marital issues that lead you to the decision to seek a divorce can determine how you should approach your case. The nature of the issues between you and your spouse may dictate whether you are able to communicate and negotiate your settlement, or if you will need to take an aggressive approach in defending yourself and your rights. Perhaps you have been served divorce papers but don’t know what next steps to take to protect yourself. Before you begin, consult an expert divorce attorney to discuss all potential problems and conflicts with your case. You should know and understand your options early.

John T. Fields has extensive experience in family law throughout Wisconsin, has handled hundreds of cases and can help you take the most effective approach toward the best outcome. Protecting your finances, homes and property, investments, loans and custody rights are key to your future. Trust John T. Fields to help you navigate the best way forward.

Madison Divorce Process

Many people going through divorce have never faced a complex court case before and are unfamiliar with the process. Divorce can be complicated, and having a basic understanding of the process within your local court system can help you protect your rights. Here are some common questions and answers about the divorce process in Wisconsin:

  1. Is there a residency requirement for divorce in Wisconsin?
    Yes. One spouse has to be a resident of Wisconsin for at least 6 months prior to filing, and must file in the county where they have been a resident for at least 30 days prior to filing. These laws do not differ from county to county, but certain procedures do change from one WI county to the next.
    If you do not meet the residency requirements, you have several options including filing in your state of residency, asking your spouse to file for divorce or waiting until you have established legal residency in Wisconsin before taking action. Contact John T. Fields to learn more about your options before taking action.

  2. Is Wisconsin a no-fault divorce state?
    Yes, per Chapter 105 of the Wisconsin Laws of 1977, if you meet Wisconsin residency requirements then you qualify for a no-fault divorce. No-fault divorce means neither spouse must prove the fault of the other spouse in a divorce. This means one spouse cannot block or object to the other spouse filing for divorce. Commonly cited reasons for divorce in no-fault filings include “irreconcilable differences” and “irreparable breakdown of the marriage.”

  3. What are the first steps in filing for a divorce in Wisconsin?
    Once you have determined your residency and legal grounds to file for divorce, filing a petitions and summons to the Clerk of Courts for your county is the next step. Whether you are the Petitioner, the Respondent, or you file a Joint Petition with your spouse, we recommend consulting an expert divorce attorney early in the process, ideally prior to filing. Mistakes on detailed divorce forms or misfiling could cost you later, so it is key to have an expert help you from the beginning. Additionally, the perspective of judges and commissioners will have a huge impact on your case, so it is important that you have a divorce attorney who knows each one extremely well. The experience in these areas that our firm has will be invaluable in determining a successful case strategy and will impact the final outcome of your case.

Divorce Settlement

A divorce settlement shouldn't just be about bringing your case to a conclusion; it needs to be about planning for your future. It is not uncommon for either party in a divorce case to lose patience for the process and agree to anything just to “get it over with". This approach will not protect the future of you and your children, and a skilled advocate can help negotiate a final agreement that will assist you in moving forward in a positive way and avoiding possible future conflicts. If you and your spouse are unable to come to an agreement, you will need an experienced, tough litigator who doesn't shy away from a court battle and will not stop fighting until we have done everything possible to get what you need. When your future is on the line, call an attorney you can trust to have your back in and out of court. Call our office today for a free phone consultation and see what we can do to help you.

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At our firm, we do everything possible to deliver a favorable settlement for our clients. Attorney Fields has more than two decades of legal experience and is resolved to win. Call the Madison office or submit an online form to discuss your case with us today!

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