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Madison Legal Separation Lawyer

Legal Separation Agreements: Your Interests Must Be Protected

There are various reasons why a couple may choose to obtain a legal separation instead of a divorce. It may be that the two are hoping to reconcile, or for religious reasons do not want to divorce, but cannot continue to share a home. Whatever the case, when one party moves out of the home, issues of who will pay the bills, how the children will share time with each parent during the separation and other vital matters need to be addressed. Doing this through the court system by obtaining a legal separation can protect your rights during this period in your marriage or into the future.

Your Separation Agreement and your Rights

The marital settlement agreement for your legal separation is an extremely important document, as later it could be used as a blueprint for divorce. Many people think of a legal separation as temporary and do not take the proper steps to protect their rights or their assets. You should never agree to anything you aren't prepared to live with permanently. Contact our Madison divorce lawyer, Attorney John T. Fields, to discuss your situation and make a plan to protect your parental rights, your assets, your portion of the marital property, as well as issues regarding child support and spousal support, and debts that must be paid that were incurred during the term of the marriage, such as mortgage payments, credit card bills and so on.

You need a pit bull attorney to make sure you are fully protected when negotiating a separation agreement. The only difference between a legal separation and a divorce is that at the end of your case, with a legal separation, you are still legally married. The process and the issues you will need to address are the same as the divorce process, so you need to hire an experienced Madison divorce attorney to handle your legal separation the same as you would if contemplating divorce. With 25 years of experience, and as a divorce lawyer with extensive trial experience, our Madison divorce attorney has the approach that gets results. We are fully committed to protecting your rights at every point in the process of crafting a fair and equitable separation agreement – and it does make a difference. Never put your future financial health and your ability to have full access to your children in the hands of an inexperienced attorney. We are zealous in our representation in all matters related to finances, shared obligations, and child custody and visitation. When you need an attorney that is ready to fight for you, your rights and your interests, call our firm and set an appointment.

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