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Madison Divorce: High Asset Cases

Fighting to Protect Your Assets in a High Asset Divorce

At our firm, we take on the tough divorce cases. As aggressive litigators, we know what it takes to win in a difficult high net worth divorce. There are many complex issues that must be resolved, including the split of business interests, if any, stock accounts, properties, retirement accounts, possessions such as valuable works of art, and others. The two parties may not have the ability to come to any resolution through alternative dispute resolution or through negotiation, and a trial is the only option to get these matters settled. In such a case, you need an aggressive, talented pit bull to take on the case and fight to protect your assets. Attorney John T. Fields has over 25 years in practice, and is known throughout the legal community for his aggressive approach and his many favorable outcomes.

Hidden or Transferred Assets

There are many cases in which one party attempts to hide or transfer ownership in certain assets, and we have access to the top professionals in the field of forensic accounting and we are able to "follow the money" and find the true value of the marital assets. Even if you have a prenuptial agreement in place, these are often challenged in a divorce, particularly in marriages of long duration. Don't take any chances in who you choose to represent you. Make sure you have a highly experienced divorce trial lawyer who is ready to fight for what is right.

Valuation of Assets

There is the need to have all assets valued, requiring professional valuations based upon current market value, and any predicted changes in zoning or other factors that could impact the potential value of a property that is on the table in a divorce. We are closely associated with professional colleagues to call upon to assist in these matters, including financial planners, real estate professionals for property appraisals, and business valuation experts. The outcome of your divorce could be resolved in a manner that is favorable for you, but it will require skill, intelligence, insight and experience. Contact us today for a divorce litigator who is relentless in pursuing a positive outcome.

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