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Grandparent & Grandchild in Madison, WI - Grandparents' Rights Attorney John T Fields

Madison Grandparents' Rights Lawyer

Are you seeking visitation with your grandchildren? Call us.

Our Madison grandparents' rights attorney, John T. Fields, has over 25 years of experience resolving even the most difficult family law situations, including cases of grandparent's rights. There are certain circumstances under which the court could grant visitation to grandparents. When the parents are involved in a bitter divorce, it can be devastating for the grandparents who now have lost the ability to share in the lives of their grandchildren. Often the grandparents are a very important part of the child's life, and to restrict access is an act of cruelty – but it happens. If you have been unable to see your grandchildren, and want to find out what your legal options are, call our firm. We are aggressive, uncompromising, and we get results. Your story must be told, and as litigators, we prepare carefully for the hearing regarding access to your grandchild.

Petitioning the Court for Visitation

As a grandparent, you do have the right to petition the court for visitation rights if it can be established that you have maintained a relationship similar to the parent/child relationship – which many grandparents have done. The wishes of the child can be an important factor in what the court decides. In cases in which the two parents were never married, and the grandparent or grandparents have maintained a relationship, or attempted to, and have been prevented from doing so by the parent that has legal custody, it may be possible to get the court to grant visitation rights. The principle guiding the decision of the court will be the "best interests of the child."

Many grandparents have taken over the raising of grandchild. The parent may come and go, or may have abandoned the child for months or longer, suddenly to return and take the children away. This can be extremely difficult for the children. If you have been left caring for your grandchildren, and you believe the parents or parent are unfit to continue to have custody, legal action can be taken, but compelling evidence must exist to present to the court. Once a child has been adopted by a stepparent who replaces their son or daughter legally, the grandparents no longer have the right to seek visitation.

Every case is unique. We can evaluate your situation and advise you of the various options that could allow you to regain the ability to interact and maintain a relationship with your grandchild. Call now.

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