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Women in Anguish - Domestic Violence Lawyer in Madison, WIMadison Domestic Violence Lawyer

Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence in Madison, WI

A marriage that has deteriorated to an extreme degree can involve domestic violence, a terrible and ugly fact that affects many people in the Madison area. One spouse could be abusive, and strikes, shoves, slaps, kicks or otherwise physically attacks the other. These cases demand immediate legal protection, and our Madison domestic violence attorney can help you to seek a Temporary Restraining Order or "TRO." As has been proven time and again, a TRO cannot stop an exceptionally violent person, but does provide for an immediate arrest if the order is violated. Any person who has been the victim of abuse must also take their own precautions if there is a threat of serious injury, or worse. Verbal abuse is another form of domestic violence, and if you are a victim of emotional and verbal abuse, a TRO can be sought to make it illegal for the abuser to contact you.

A restraining order will restrict any contact from the abuser, whether by phone, text, letter or other means. It will also restrict the abuser from coming within a certain distance of you, and to go to locations you are known to frequent. In such a case, it is imperative that you have an aggressive attorney that will do everything possible to protect you and your children, if there are children in the home. The abusive person must be held accountable for his or her actions. Our attorney fights like a pit bull to protect you, and your children through taking aggressive legal action for you.

How Domestic Violence Affects Child Custody

When it has been established that domestic violence or abuse has occurred, this factor could have a significant impact on a decision made by the court about child custody. It is great importance that both you and your children are protected and not subjected to the threat of violence, or actual physical, mental or emotional abuse. We are aggressive advocates for our clients that have been victims of abuse. Conversely, you may have been falsely accused of domestic violence. In either case you need a pit bull on your side, and we are ready to help you take action to seek the protection the law can provide.

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