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401K Division in Divorce in Madison

Get a pit bull on your side for property division in divorce.

Your divorce is going to have a long term impact on your financial health. The issue of property division is one of the most important matters to get resolved, and you need to know that your Madison divorce lawyer is ready to fight for you, and aggressively pursue a resolution that is beneficial to you. The issue of the value of 401K accounts can be an important matter, as these accounts are often of high value, and in a divorce, the split of the funds must be carefully and correctly managed. Your spouse may be trying to make a "deal" with you outside of court. It can be a positive situation to attempt to resolve property division outside of court, but not if it means you are going to sacrifice what is rightfully yours, under law.

Get What You Deserve in Property Division

The division of 401k funds will require a court order to be transferred, and the amount that you are due as part of the marital property must be valued by a professional. We prepare every case for trial, and our aggressive approach to the issues of property division has proven to be a very successful strategy for those we represent in divorce. Do you need to find out exactly how much of the existing 401k funds either you or your spouse has saved you have a right to claim in a divorce in Madison? Call our firm at once for an aggressive Madison divorce lawyer that will help you fight for everything you deserve, and is always prepared to take a case to court for a fair resolution.

You may have a large amount of money set aside for your retirement, and after years of saving, your account is one of the most valuable assets that you own. Are you concerned about what you will lose in a divorce? We can advise you of state law, and the various ways that this matter could be resolved, and how we can protect you from unnecessary losses in your divorce. We are highly aggressive, experience and qualified and ready to help you fight for what is yours in the division of 401k funds.

Contact Attorney John T. Fields when you need a pit bull lawyer to help you with the split of 401k funds in divorce.

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