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Child support is a concern for anyone who is going through a divorce with children, or has a child with someone they are not married to. Once the court makes an order for child support to be paid, all terms must be adhered to, or there can be serious legal consequences. If you are concerned about child support and what to expect, contact Attorney John T. Fields. Our Madison child support attorney has 25 years of experience in divorce, custody and all family law matters, and is known for his aggressive approach and his many successes in difficult child custody and child support matters. Whether you are looking to establish child support, enforce a child support order, or are concerned about how child support may impact your financial health in a divorce, call our office today to discuss your case with an experienced professional.

State Law and Child Support: The Guidelines

The State of Wisconsin has issued guidelines for determining child support payments. The factors that are reviewed include the current income of each parent, and the placement time with each parent. The income reviewed will include your salary, wages, tips, interest, commissions, bonuses and all other types of income. The ability to earn is another factor that will be reviewed, as well as any special needs of the child or children. Your past earnings, your physical and mental health, and your education and training are all considered. Even current job openings can be reviewed. If one parent has been at home caring for the children while the other earned the support for the family, this may impact the court's decision when determining the amount of support ordered.

As a highly-skilled Madison child support attorney, we have a full grasp of state law and how it could impact a court decision regarding child support. If you have concerns about this critical matter, we urge you to connect with us immediately. Our aggressive approach has proven to be of great benefit to parents who are facing legal problems or concerns regarding child support. Your children deserve to have the best possible quality of life, and both parents hold the responsibility of paying for support. A divorce with children requires a high quality attorney. You may be worried that you will be forced to pay support that is beyond your means, or you have recently suffered a reduction in income and need to modify an existing court order, or you may be concerned about child support as part of your divorce. No matter what your situation is, our firm has the experience and knowledge to protect you.

Contact us today for information about child support, modifications and the impact of state law upon the amount of child support you could receive or be ordered to pay.

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