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Wisconsin Mother & Son - Attorney John T Fields, Pitbull Child Custody Lawyer

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Divorce and parental separation is destabilizing for children. In some cases, the legal issue of child custody is in contention, and can't be resolved through mediation or negotiations with the opposing attorney. At our firm, we have the professional background and experience that has proven to be of great benefit to our clients in child custody cases. Attorney John T. Fields formerly worked as counselor at the Child and Adolescent Treatment Center, and at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington D.C., and has great personal insight into the impact of divorce and parental disputes and abuse upon children.

Children must be protected from abusive parents, whether emotional or physical abuse, and have the best chance to thrive and live a healthy life. When there is a legal dispute regarding child custody, it is imperative that you are represented by a Madison child custody lawyer who has impressive legal qualifications and the skills to craft a case that can win in court.

Child Custody and the Best Interests of the Child

In the Wisconsin family court system, the guiding principle in court decisions is what is believed to be in the best interests of the children. This can be a subjective matter, and the decision made in a child custody dispute will be in large part, determined by the skills with which your case is presented. It is assumed that children are best served by giving both parents access and shared parenting responsibilities.

Your case may be different; if so, the presentation of the facts that support your wish to gain sole custody is a critical matter. In a bitter child custody legal dispute, there are a range of issues that could arise, including one parent making false accusations about abuse or neglect, or Domestic Violence, as well as cases in which there has been threats of violence. You will need a very aggressive, professional and experienced Madison child custody lawyer to present your case if you are facing a dispute regarding child custody.

The courts consider all of the information presented at trial, including the current relationship the child has with each parent, the siblings, and other family members and other matters that will affect the child's stability and quality of life. Issues related to any adjustment that may be necessary with regard to changes in school, religious beliefs, and whether child care will be needed when making a decision about child custody. If one parent is planning to relocate to another city or state, or a great distance away, this will create a situation in which visitation order can become more complex, and all of these issues must be resolved fairly. Our goal is to seek the resolution that will best reflect the wishes of those we serve, and to achieve a favorable outcome with regard to child custody.

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